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A Sacred  Jewel

made with love for love

 A  Sacred Jewel is created in a sacred space of Divine Love. These pieces are infused with prayers. Aligning the heart, soul, body, and mind through the use of stones, intention, meaning, and purpose.

A Sacred Jewel is a gift to remind us of our true nature and real inner beauty, allowing our light to shine and bring peace and harmony to ourselves and the world.


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Let the beauty of love be what we do. ~ Rumi

A Sacred Jewel Personalized Piece

made with love for love


We offer a personalized Sacred Jewel Healing Jewelry session, where we listen deeply and share in this moment of your life,

with you.

From this sharing, a unique and customized Sacred Jewel is created

 to honor, celebrate or bring healing to this particular time in your life.

The piece reflects and reveals the story and meaning and is held most sacred. 

It is blessed with intention and prayer, allowing the rawness and fullness of this expression to be one, in all of its beauty


"Jamie makes amazing jewelry. She is such a warm, kind person. Jamie gave me a very thoughtful consultation and the jewelry she made me reflects exactly what we spoke about during our time together. One of my dear friends gave me a session that included a necklace and earrings as a gift for my 40th birthday. It was such a special gift. I love wearing my sacred jewels. I get compliments on the pieces every time I wear them. The essential oils Jamie made for me are just perfect. I display the lovely gift box on my mantel as a reminder of this precious gift. Jamie's explanation of why she picked the stones is so intuitive. I have also given her pieces as gifts and everyone loves them! Jamie is a beautiful, talented soul. You won't be disappointed. " ~ Kenna

"Sacred Jewels by Leela is my favorite gift to give. It's a personal gift with lasting memories and a forever keepsake. Meeting with Jamie for a discussion before she crafts your special piece is a gift in itself. She has a calm and peaceful way about her which enables everyone to feel comfortable sharing a little bit about themselves. This is important because the more you share the easier it is for her to create jewelry that you will feel deeply connected to. It's a beautiful process! Everything Jamie creates is done with careful thoughtfulness and her designs are always rooted in love. I have several pieces and they are of the highest quality. I love wearing them and always receive compliments on the jewelry. I recommend Sacred Jewels by Leela  for healing and peace for yourself and as a special personal 

gift for anyone you care about. " ~ Sarah 

"Taking time out to set intention & prayers for the greatest good of all is so important. I find wearing my Mala's help me to be mindful of my peace and calm through all the noise and chaos life brings. These are just a few pieces that are my Joy! Each piece was hand crafted by the most gifted Jamie Jackson, a written meaning behind each piece and delicately wrapped in a divine silk bag. Jamie's Sacred Body Yoga and Healing Art along with her private meditation and coaching is one of the most abundant and beautiful things I've added to my practice. Thank you for your Love and healing Light!" ~ Heather

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