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Jamie is an artist, writer, healer, visionary, mother,

intuit and empath. 

She has been on her own healing journey and working with others professionally for the past twenty five years.

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The Journey 

Jamie started practicing yoga in 2003. She received her 200-hour yoga teacher certification from YogaWorks in California in 2008. She began teaching prenatal and postpartum yoga classes, later developing her Sacred Body Yoga classes in 2010.


Jamie started Sacred Body Healing Arts in 2010, teaching yoga and meditation, leading workshops and retreats, working one-on-one with individuals for healing, spiritual nurturing and direction. Jamie is naturally empathic and sensitive, using intuition and deep listening to help people feel better, have more peace, ease, and calm. 


Jamie has been studying sacred texts since 2003, having a deep curiosity and longing to understand and know this relationship with Love, the Divine, God. She has worked with many teachers along the way. She worked with Laughing Womyn, a shaman, healer, and author for 12 years through one-on-one sessions. She learned and practiced the art of sacred ritual and divine feminine consciousness, awakening and developing her natural healing gifts. 


She continued that practice and was led to her current teacher, MaDar. MaDar is a true presence and light for all. She teaches the depth of Love within the heart. She teaches and helps her students embody the Heart of Love. Jamie has been working with MaDar since 2014. MaDar has prepared the way for her students, like Jamie, to have clearer communication with Love, has taught the ways of the sacred pause, contemplation, sitting with discomfort, and loving it all.


Jamie works with MaDar through weekly Zoom sessions, since she lives in California. She goes on retreat with MaDar and the Ladies of the Heart, a group of MaDar’s students, once a year for additional teachings. The Ladies of the Heart are one of the deep and rich weekly prayer groups Jamie participates in, her sisters of the Heart. 


Within the last few years Jamie discovered the Cedars of Peace, a personal silent retreat center, nestled in the woods, on the grounds of the Sisters of Loretto in Kentucky. It has become a place near and dear to her heart. She visits a few times a year.  


Jamie began taking semester-long, all-gender classes in 2019 at Women Writing for a Change (WWFAC). 

In 2019, she began to serve on the board for WWFAC. There, she serves on the Marketing Circle of Service, the Equity Racial Justice CoS, and the Outreach Program, which serves marginalized beings that may not have economic or stable means to attend in-house courses. This includes; serving the local jail, houseless populations, those recovering from addiction, and more. 

In 2021, the organization went through a Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI) training with Dr. Gena Forrest. The organization will continue to learn and grow with educators and teachers to further its understanding and contribution to the whole with these important issues of humanity. 


In 2020, Jamie became a “Heal Thyself” graduate from the Intersection for Mankind’s Remember Institute by founder, visionary and master teacher Rev Brig Feltus. This course is “a transformative initiation for people radicalized as white.” Jamie also attended race conversations within a small church community she was a part of for a while throughout 2020 and 2021.


In 2021, Jamie enrolled in WWFAC Conscious Feminine Leadership Training with Beth Lodge-Rigal as Creative Director and Lead Facilitator. Jamie completed this course in 2022.


Jamie has worked with the local houseless population, making and serving food, picking up trash, talking and spending time at the park with these friends.

In 2022, Jamie attended a G.R.A.C.E. Training with Roshi Joan Halifax of Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

This course is designed from within the Zen Buddhist tradition to help “Cultivate Compassion- based Interactions”   


Jamie has a sweet 12 year old son, named Ryder, whom she takes much delight in the pleasure of watching grow. She also has a one-year-old Black Labrador named Luna Moon, who makes her family laugh and brings a lot of energy to the house, along with a sweet four year-old cat named Lakshmi, who she found on the side of the road at four weeks old. 


Jamie loves being a mom and working within the community to serve and work to create a better world, a more just world, a more inclusive world, and most of all a more loving world.

She hopes this comes through in all she does. 


Jamie would love to hear from you or be with you through one of her offerings. Let's connect.


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