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Yoga and Meditation

Private Yoga Session

In a Private Yoga session we work together to understand and fine tune your practice. We tailor the session specifically to suit your needs and where your challenges lie. Whether you are just beginning or more advanced. You are able to ask questions and fine tune your alignment, breathing and an understanding of how to use the body in a way that will create greater flow and ease in the body and breathe.

I help to deepen your practice, bringing mindfulness and awareness to the mind, body and heart thru breath work and spiritual practice.

Private Yoga

$75 {60min} $105 {90min}

Group Yoga Sessions/Classes


In the Group Yoga classes I teach a gentle flow style class. My pace is a little slower using easeful stretching and strengthening, as well as providing mindfulness and awareness to the mind, body and heart thru the breath.  I aim to create a safe, sacred, healing and nurturing space for you to explore and discover new places in yourself.  My hope is that you leave feeling more centered in the heart, you have clarity and vision, you have more energy and vitality, as well as had time to reflect and be with yourself, restoring the senses and  feeling grounded to face life challenges more openly.  I bring love, music, chanting, intention, focus and breath work to center the mind, body, and spirit. 

Group Yoga
$15 {Drop in}  $65 {5 class pass}  $130 {10 class pass}

Looking to learn more about meditation and need help getting started? I can help. I offer a 6 week jump start program to help you get on your way. In these sessions I help you learn how to breathe in the body, guide you thru meditations and also leave some space for you to just be. Doing this together in the beginning can help it be a lot less intimidating and you gain powerful tools that lead you into the body and out of the busyness of the mind. This also allows us the space to work within anything that comes up during the meditation to help you process, work thru and heal. 


This can be offered in groups and in private meditation classes and sessions ~ families, group of friends, work place, office place, home or school.


6 week jump start $65 {for each 60min session}

 $75 {1~60min} $10 is added for each additional individual

Groups larger than 5 {ask for pricing}

Free Meditation Recordings

Awakening the Senses

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist

Journey into the Chakra's

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist

Heart Meditation 1

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist

Heart Meditation 2

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist

Edit ~ In the Journey into the Chakras Meditation, I mean to say Manipura instead of Muladhara when I speak about the Solar Plexus. Thank you!


  "Jamie's yoga brings me peace and saves my life!" ~ Katie

"Jamie, as an instructor, is both playful and deep. Leading her classes in this way allows those who are lucky enough to be there an opportunity to experience growth in body, mind and spirit and uniquely, have the awareness to observe and feel it as it is happening. I have found every one of her classes to be healing, strengthening and relaxing and can't say enough how grateful I am to be learning through her" ~ Kate

"I can recommend Jamie Jackson for yoga instruction for beginning, intermediate, or advanced students.  I started classes hoping to reawaken my love of yoga. Mt expectations were exceeded. She offers a unique combination of Hatha yoga and meditation." ~ Bob

"I've had amazing moments with you in your yoga classes at the Bloomington Body Bar. I remember one very specific day when

 my mom was here and you were delightful with her. Thank you. You are so warm and caring." ~ Mary

"Taking time out to set intention & prayers for the greatest good of all is so important. I find wearing my Mala's help me to be mindful of my peace and calm through all the noise and chaos life brings. These are just a few pieces that are my Joy! Each piece was hand crafted by the most gifted Jamie Jackson, a written meaning behind each piece and delicately wrapped in a divine silk bag. Jamie's Sacred Body Yoga and Healing Art along with her private meditation and coaching is one of the most abundant and beautiful things I've added to my practice. Thank you for your Love and healing Light!" ~ Heather

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