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Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. ~ Rumi

We begin where you are. How do you feel? What is happening in your life that is causing suffering to you or others? An entry point draws us in and we begin to work within the structure of that energy thru a mindful meditative process. We start to understand it and see it from it’s perspective, compassion and love enter and begin to restructure and transform the energy to its wholeness. Realigning the mind, body and heart to start to exist from this wholeness. Restoring balance and reshaping your relationship with yourself, which in turn will also reshape your relationship to others. You may not find yourself reacting to those places outside yourself anymore as we have begun to dismantle the pain that had been held in the body and the emotional system that caused that reaction. Some suffering entry points have many layers to them and may take longer to work within them to feel the depth of the release fully, but at each layer there is relief and those places no longer hold the authority, love does. 

Healing Sessions

Personal Healing Session

$75 {60min} $105 {90min}  $135 {120min}

Healing Sessions can be In Person, Skype or FaceTime

Benefits of a Personal/Couples/Group Healing Session

~ Feel safe and loved

~ Healing

~ Tools and Resources to help deal with life's daily challenges

~ An opening to love and greater love

~ Feel better

~ Relief

~ Feel at Home

~ Feel peace and comfort

~ A new perspective

~ A new beginning

~ Ending to old patterning and habits

~ An upleveling

~ Answers to your questions

~ A greater understanding

~ Gifts from the Universe

 ~ A gentleness and ease in the body, mind and heart

~ New insights

~ An illumination on your path

~ Spiritual practice & development

~ Spiritual guidance, support & mentoring

~ Discovery into what may be holding you back on your path, purpose and finding meaning in your lofe

~ An opening to Wisdom and greater Wisdom

~ An opening to Truth

~ Self discovery of who you really are

~ Self LOVE


"Jamie is such a warm and loving person. I immediately felt comfortable in her space and she asked questions to get at the root of the struggles I was facing.  When she walked me through a meditation I really felt my body open and respond to the prompts she was giving. At one point I felt like light was radiating through me and connecting with everyone and everything.  I left feeling more peaceful and happy.  I would highly recommend a personal session with her."  ~ LB

"Taking time out to set intention & prayers for the greatest good of all is so important. I find wearing my Mala's help me to be mindful of my peace and calm through all the noise and chaos life brings. These are just a few pieces that are my Joy! Each piece was hand crafted by the most gifted Jamie Jackson, a written meaning behind each piece and delicately wrapped in a divine silk bag. Jamie's Sacred Body Yoga and Healing Art along with her private meditation and coaching is one of the most abundant and beautiful things I've added to my practice. Thank you for your Love and healing Light!" ~ Heather M.

"A healing session with Jamie is something really special. She always makes me feel welcome, safe, and loved. She has helped me to understand myself more and how to be more gentle with myself. The biggest skill I have developed since starting my healing with Jamie is breaking habits that my mind had created over many years. What a relief it is to have the power to change things within ourselves. I always look forward to being with Jamie. I know that once we start our session I'm going to learn more about myself and how I can get to my ultimate goal of self love. There is always a surprise discovery when we meet. And there have been many revelations that have come to me outside of my sessions as well. I attribute that to working with Jamie as well. She has given me the skills to be more open to love. And what a wonderful feeling that is. Thank you dear Jamie. I'm so lucky to be working with you.❤️ "~ Heather N.

"Lovely offerings. Jamie sees the Sacred in all of us." ~ Melissa

"You have tremendous healing gifts." ~ Jessica

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