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The Path of the Heart 
In the limitlessness of the pure heart 
understanding leads to silence,
because that heart is with God
or indeed it is God.
Those with mirror-like hearts
have left behind mere fragrance and color:
each moment they behold beauty without 
They have discarded the outer form 
and raised the banner 
of mystical intuition.
Thought is gone, all is light.
They have reached the essence 
and the Ultimate Source of knowledge. 

~Masnavi 1:3489-94 RUMI "A Spiritual Treasury"

The Journey Home Course 

Being Unbound 

Bound in Love ~ Boundless in Love 

This is a journey of the Heart, to the Heart, the boundless Heart. 

This is an invitation to draw Love closer to the heart and truly live the gift of life. 

This is a journey that will call you into ALL the places of yourself, to make peace and restore wholeness.  

It is the deepest answering to our calls, our vocations, our healing and our pain, with 

our pain of the separation from Love itself, from ourselves, our personal pain, our collective pain and each other.

We will be working to unlearn, break free of patterns and build a new foundation, in Love.

You will begin and then know the ins and outs of who you are.

We will be building relationship to all of life. 

You will begin living in more harmony, and restoring peace to yourself.

Love will heal the wounded heart within. 

Love will reveal the unseen in yourself and all others, and how they become One with God. 

You will be in touch with the Mystery, called Love and Life. 

You will find true purpose and meaning in your life.

We will draw forward the “shy soul” or that “hidden wholeness,” as Parker Palmer likes to call it,

the one that speaks softly and only comes out in the quietest of spaces. It’s the one we truly seek but avoid at all cost. 

This is a journey of courage, of finding the healer, the visionary, the warrior and the teacher as Angeles Arrien calls it in The Four Fold Way. 

This is not a linear course; it is an unfolding in love. It will ask for your patience and deep trust.

It will continually invite you into a willingness to stay the course. 


This is a journey for those that wish to live in Love, know Love in the deepest and most intimate levels of being.

This is a deep, investigative and creative journey. Some may even consider it a calling, or a call to Love. 

It will be generative, active and introspective. It will move to heal all the parts of you and the collective. It will create an inner interdependence in Love. This love is all-encompassing, transformative and heart-centered, leaving you fully embodied, complete and whole. It will ask you to let go of all the things that cause you and others suffering and separation, bringing deliverance from the ego self only to be found again in this deepest Love for you. It will bring you to great trust and faith in this Deep Love. This Love is seeking you as you are seeking it. This Love longs to be with you and be you. This Love only needs your permission to do so to be with you. 


I am only here because of Love. We are only here because of Love. It is my deepest desire that others know this Love, 

return to this Love and know of its kindness, mercy, and compassion. 

My offering of this course comes from my love for God, the development, practiced and embodied journey of God in Me, the understanding, Love and compassion of the pain and the joy of this mysterious journey. 

In this journey you will be held in great Love, honored for your courage. There will be safety in Love, there will be clarity in Love, there will be deep rest in Love. 

Love will hold it all. 


All teachings come directly from the Source of Love through my work with my teachers MaDar and Trikaya.

I dedicate and owe my life's journey to Love and Wholeness to them, the teachings given to them through Love and MaDar and Trikaya’s fully embodied forms.

This is also a reflection of my life’s work, my own healing process through a deepening into Love and a devotion to the many teachers on the path of Love and to the Heart. 


The Path of the Heart

"is one of striving for spiritual perfection through the transformation of self, in order to draw nearer to God, who is perfection. This the primary goal is to transcend or "naught" the self, or the ego, which acts as a barrier or "veil" between the human heart and God, distorting our perception of reality and inhibiting our capacity to mature to  our full "selfhood" in which we perfectly reflect the attributes of God. The focus is therefore on turning the soul to God; on becoming God-centered rather than self-centered; on the spiritual rather than the on the external reality of worldly status and wealth. Progress along this "path" depends on love of God and the spiritual battles (or "holy war") that one must engage in to "polish the mirror of the heart,"and thereby achieve the clarity of vision necessary truly to "see" ourself and spiritual reality. This may bring us suffering in this world, but it leads to greater happiness in the world beyond, while pausing on the path to take one's comfort and ease in this physical world leads to great suffering in the next." Juliet Mabey "Rumi A Spiritual Treasury"  

The content, payment and experience of the Journey Home Course will begin 

once we have a consultation meeting to connect and hear of your heart's desire.

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