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Muladhara ~ Root Support ~ 1st/Root Chakra ~ Color Red

My Sacred Roots are grounded in love.  I live my life with openness and ease. I am completely supported, safe and free to be who I am.

Bloodstone ~ A grounding stone. A powerful cleanser of the blood. Helps to bring spirutality into everyday life, which in turn helps to ease and calm the heart, mind and body to be present to life.

Rudraksha Bead ~ The seed of the Tree of LIfe. A life giving and seed of creation. Opening one to sea of all creating itself over and over again.

OM charm ~ OM the sound of the Universe, creation, the beginning and the end, all possibilites, all of life.

Chant ~ LAM or Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha ~ Blessings on your new beginnings.

Sacred Roots

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