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A Mala Making One Day Retreat


Honoring the Cycles of Life 

In this Mala Making workshop will be focusing on the cycles of life. How to move creatively and intentionally, with prayer, meditation, thoughtfulness, love and devotion through the cycles of life….. Birth, Death, Rebirth 

The soul is eternal.

You will receive a mantra, prayer or intention to go with your Mala.

We will activate and tune your Mala with you Mantra.

You will be immersed in a safe, loving and supportive community. 

There will be heart sharing, meditation, the teachings of Mala and Mantra: how & what they are used for.

These will be the beads we will be working with:


Black or White Tulsi wood bead ~ Reminds us of the sacredness of life

Turquoise ~ The healer of stones. Allows the soul to express itself

Lapis Lazuli ~ Reveals inner truth, a stone of peace and serenity

Jade ~ A stone of wisdom and purity, love and nurturing


When you register for this class you will need to choose one stone and one wood bead you would like to work with.

The materials are included in the price of the workshop. Any additional wood bead or stone that is used will be an additional cost.


Saturday, October 21

10am -2pm



Payment upon registration

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