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An Introduction to Mantra, Meditation and

Mala Bracelet Making

One Day Retreat

In this workshop we will begin to explore mantra, meanings, importance of, the practice, how & why it helps and why it works.


Mantra has been used since the beginning of time coming directly from the seed sounds of the Universe. They have been studied and proven effective to help clear the energetic channels and blockages being held within the body and charka centers to overcome self-defeating, negative & harmful habits, behaviors & patterns that can be at the root cause of dis-ease in the body. 


We will be exploring the aspects and principles of mantra and meditation. We will also be making a Mala Bracelet for you to take home to start or continue your own practice. You will also receive a mantra to begin to work with.


Saturday, November 18



Touchstone Yoga and Massage



Mala bracelet supplies included in the price. 

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