You are a person worthy of love. You don't have to do anything to deserve all the love in the world.

~ Sharon Salzberg 

"Real Love"

Yoga Schedule

Monday The Cocuun 9-10am

Monday Bloomington Body Bar 10:30 - 11:45

Wednesday Meditation & Yoga My Home  11:45 - 1:00


Friday Bloomington Body Bar 10:30 - 11:45


Friday My Home 12:15 - 1:15

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My Story

Hello and Namaste, my name is Jamie Jackson also known as Leela Leilani Jai Ma. I am here to support you in a deep dive journey to what LOVE really is. I help you tap into that deep universal love and consciousness that runs through everyone and everything.


I’d like to share a little about my own journey with you, to provide some background about what brought me to this work.


I was struggling with life – searching for answers to understand my feelings and thoughts. I often felt hopeless and disempowered. My heart was heavy. I felt confused and alone. I was afraid. I felt and was very sensitive to others.


I met a shamanic healer and teacher who helped me understand my feelings. Working together very intimately for over 12 years. She offered me hope, love and a deeper understanding of life and how to bring meaning to it. 


She opened new doors into different dimensions and guided me through deep ritual work and clearing. I traveled into my past lives, childhood, and much of my own self-abandonment. It was hard work, but realizing and understanding that there was a place called HOME in my heart helped me uncover these patterns of holding pain and was an incredible adventure into my psyche and my past.


I became more curious about how we heal ourselves, our bodies, and our emotions. I wanted to understand the source of my budding relationship with my intuition and my sensitivity.


I read sacred texts, studied energetic healing, got my yoga teacher certification. I worked with many teachers in many ways.

Then one day at a retreat in California, I met a new teacher and my heart called to work deeper with her. The love that she held was so profound, so full and so complete, it was a gift.  She asked of our heart's desire, mine was "to be Love. "


I met Love and this Love has shown me Home and what Home in the heart is, what Love feels like and what this deep Love means. 

In this place, there is only love…..I feel safe, loved and supported in every way. I feel LOVE and loved unconditionally.


I continue to work deeper into this love and understanding of what “HOME” truly is. And now it is my hope to share these gifts with you. It is truly an honor to be with you in this way: to be a witness to your heart, your light, your love and forgiveness, your pain and suffering.


I believe we all want to be free, and in our deepest hearts we want this for others as well. But often, we do not act from this place. In our work together, I help you uncover the pain that is locked within. I help you by giving these truths light, love, space, and compassion to simply be. This is where healing begins.

I also help you to speak and live from this place of home in the heart, this place of deep love for yourself and others. This place of forgiveness and unconditional love. 


Reading and studying sacred texts, working with many teachers, my own inner teacher and life, these are the gifts that I have received and it is an honor to share them with you.  


Peace and Blessings! 

Love Always,


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What I Offer

Yoga and Meditation
Sacred Jewels

I specialize in private and group yoga and meditation classes. I aim to create a safe, sacred, healing, and nurturing space for you to discover and explore new places in yourself. I tailor the sessions specifically to suit the needs of my private clients and group classes, using breath work, a mindful meditative process and asana. The mind, body, spirit and heart begin to center, leaving you feeling more grounded to face life’s challenges more openly.

In a healing session, we begin where you are, an entry point draws us in and thru a gentle meditative healing process we discover the heart of the issue and work to understand, heal and release it. There is relief…. balance is restored and the energy is reformed, compassion and love remain. 

made with love for love

I create Sacred Jewels in a sacred space of Divine Love. These pieces are infused with prayers and healing energy. They align the heart, soul, body, and mind through the use of stones, intention, meaning, and purpose.

A Sacred Jewel is a gift to remind us of our true nature and real inner beauty, allowing our light to shine and bring peace and harmony to ourselves and the world.

Customized pieces are available.


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Jamie Jackson
Leela Leilani Jai Ma
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