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You are a person worthy of love. You don't have to do anything to deserve all the love in the world.

~ Sharon Salzberg 

"Real Love"

Sacred Embodiment Class Schedule

 Sacred Embodiment Classes are held online through Zoom and In-Person 

Monday 9:30-10:30 zoom

Wednesday Meditation & Embodiment Class 10:45 - 12:00

at Nourishing Heart Yoga Studio


Friday 11:00 - 12:00 zoom

Saturday 10:30-11:30

at Nourishing Heart Yoga Studio

Register at

to sign up for zoom classes 

email Jamie at 

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About Jamie

Welcome to the Home of Sacred Body Healing Arts

Welcome to the Home of Sacred Body Healing Arts 

This site is dedicated to Love and the teachings of Love

from my teachers MaDar and Trikaya and the many many teachers along the path.

Jamie's offerings are the dedicated life's work to Love and personal healing journey to the Heart of Love

and the expressions it has taken through her embodied gifts. 

All are welcome!

You will find Weekly Sacred Embodiment Class offerings

The Journey Home Course

Offerings ~ Embodiment Yoga and Meditation ~ Healing Sessions ~ Sacred Jewels

Santu Sauna 

Poems and Letters

Jamie is an artist, writer, healer, visionary, mother, intuit and empath. 

She has been on her own healing journey and working with others professionally for the past 

25 years.

Jamie works as a hairdresser one day a week, teaches embodiment yoga and meditation classes, works with individuals to bring healing and wholeness through the practice of deep listening, gentle loving touch, love, wisdom and compassion. 

Jamie works with individuals through sickness and disease, transformation of life, answering the calls of purpose and meaning and understanding the heart and living in love.

Jamie creates Sacred Jewelry as an expression of remembering and honoring.

She is developing the sacred art and practice of the Santu Sauna, the process of healing through purification and prayer, that also includes a long list of physical health benefits. 

The Path of the Heart is a course being developed as a reflection of the teachings of Love through her teachers MaDar and Trikaya and many others on the path.

It is a dedication to Love and a devotion of the Heart. 

It is a reflection of her life’s work with Love, which she wishes to share to help others heal and move closer to Love. 

Read more on "About Jamie" page .

Thank you for being here, for you interest and your practice.

Love, Jamie Jackson



Embodiment Yoga and Meditation

We specialize in private and group yoga embodiment and meditation classes. We aim to create a safe, sacred, healing, and nurturing space for you to discover and explore new places in yourself. We tailor the sessions specifically to suit the needs of our private clients and group classes, using breath work, a mindful meditative process and asana. The mind, body, spirit and heart begin to center, leaving you feeling more grounded to face life’s challenges more openly.

Healing Session

In a healing session, we begin where you are, by the practice of deep listening, intuition and empathy draws us in and thru a gentle meditative healing process we discover the heart of the issue and work to understand, heal and release it. There is relief…. balance is restored and the energy is reformed, compassion and love remain. 


Personal/Couples/Group Healing Sessions Available 

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Sacred Jewels

A Sacred Jewel is created in a sacred space of Divine Love. Each unique piece is infused with prayers.  Aligning the heart, soul, body, and mind through the use of stones, intention, meaning, and purpose.

A Sacred Jewel is a gift to remind us of our true nature and real inner beauty, allowing our light to shine and bring peace and harmony to ourselves and the world.

Customized pieces are available.


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Jamie Jackson
Sacred Body Healing Arts

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